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Center for Educational and Cultural Iniciatives


Let us tell a little bit about us. We are open for cooperation with institutions from all over the world. We are also willing to participate in all projects consistent with its goals and principles. See you soon!


The Center was set up by researchers, academic teachers and the Youth activists in the heart of Poland – Warsaw. It consists of people with strong believe in self-development, international cooperation and the world’s perception based on all achievements of the Enlightenment: freedom, democracy, brotherhood, science and equality of chances. It acts in areas of: 



- Science: 


- European Integration; 


- Culture; 


- Civil Society 


- International Cooperation. 


The Center is open for mutual ideas exchange, strengthening the dialogue between different nations, cultures and environments. In order to achieve above, presented goals more than 20 projects have been completed in last 2 years. 




The Center has been beneficiary of following programmes: 


- EU Youth in Action 


- EU Leonardo da Vinci 


- PL Culture – Interventions 


- PL Program of Ministry of Culture and National 


Heritage - Cultural Education 


- PL Governmental Programme for Seniors  Activity 


- PL Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Programme 


- EU Polish-Lithuanian Youth Exchange Programme 



Center has partners in: EU (Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom) China, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and United States of America. Center, in cooperation with tertiary institutions,  conducts strong scientist activity which includes: publications, researchers, staff exchanges and  international conferences.


It gathers the researchers from over 15 countries – professional scholars working at European and World’s universities. The staff basement consists mostly of Warsaw University’s workers and students which are involved in international, European and social issues. The Center gives them opportunity to conduct many brilliant projects, develop innovative ideas, learn and improve their knowledge and skills.


They are engaged in social and international activities. The Center is open for cooperation with institutions from all over the world. It is willing to participate in all projects consistent with its goals and principles. 


To join us write:




We are looking forward to hearing from you.



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