Entrepreneurship as a Chance for European Future - ERASMUS + 


Project Partners: 

- Center for Scientific and Cultural Iniciatives PARNAS – Poland

- Device Youth Association - Croatia

- GAP Gençlik Derneği - Turkey

- Educational Initiatives Centre - Ukraine




Objectives of the project: 

- Professional activation of young people; 

- Presentation of entrepreneurship as an opportunity to move closer to Europe and improve the economic situation; 

- Identify existing opportunities arising from international cooperation, including these on the field of entrepreneurship development; 

- Utilizing non-formal education to overcome existing intercultural and interfaith barriers; 

- Enhancing intercultural dialogue and cooperation between four nations; 

- The promotion of language learning as a way of deepening relations on the European continent. 


Description of activities:

"Entrepreneurship as a Chance for European Future" provides improvement of activation of young people entering the labor market whether it is through search of employment or setting up their own business. Participants from EU countries - Polish and Croatian - will serve as a good example for the youth from Turkey and Ukraine, which still aspire to a rapprochement with the European Union. Both co-operation with the latter, as well as the right attitude and awareness of existing opportunities help young Poles and Croats in their every-day life and finding out on labor markets. Their experience and knowledge will be transferred to participants from Turkey and Ukraine, who will promote similar practices in their countries.


Through meetings with persons conducting their business, as well as cognitive visits with project partners, all participants will have the opportunity to enrich themselves with new experiences that will motivate them to be active primarily in the broad field of entrepreneurship. Replacement will be all the more important that the panellists will include young people from countries at different stages of economic development, as well as different culturally and religiously. It will, therefore, dimension especially integrating all four countries on many levels. In addition to the development of competencies related to the topic of entrepreneurship participants exchange will also show the positive aspects of a common history and as many similarities in cultures and religions.


They will be a good ground for the construction of a sustainable and effective network of young people from all countries participating in the Exchange. It highlights shared values and opportunities that entails coexistence and international cooperation, including the huge role of integration of the European Union, openning up on which can bring Turkey and Ukraine benefits not only to themselves but also to the members of the grouping. Young people who take part in the exchange will be able to confront their existing ideas about Poland, contacts of each country with the other, as well as the European Union, with those having a place in reality, thereby breaking down language and cultural barriers. 


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